About Me

Jo Wood Nutrition

My name is Jo Wood and I am a naturopathic nutritional therapist specialising in thyroid health and fatigue.

I know first hand what it’s like to feel exhausted, confused by making even tiny everyday decisions and to put on weight regardless of your exercise or diet. I got my hypothyroid diagnosis over 20 years ago and it was immediately clear that I was allergic to Levothyroxine. My GP told me not to worry, as a borderline case the medication wasn’t important and I should get used to being tired all the time! I saw a privated Endocrinologist who prescribed NDT but I never really felt well and was always a little depressed, overemotional and overweight.

Over time I noticed that particular foods made my symptoms worse. Finally I signed up for a course with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and never looked back. My thyroid symptoms are under control and I have never been healthier! My family are all much healthier too!

Bringing back your vitality naturally

Let me share my knowledge and expertise to support you as you find your way back to a healthy and energetic you. I am passionate about educating and empowering my clients to understand how the food they eat and the lifestyles they live impact their health and well being. I can help you too, so book a free mini health review and begin heading towards diminishing your symptoms, raising your energy and positivity, losing weight and learning how to support your thyroid issues naturally.